"I really have no words and superlatives enough to reflect the journey and the impressions. It is all thanks to your enthusiasm to plan a very personal trip with the perfect guidance there."
Ann D.
"Perfectly written on our body and much better than we could have dreamed of. Your enthusiasm, eye for details and unprecedented knowledge has given us a priceless experience."
Dirk VW
"The second trip with Baobabwe was also unforgettable. Baobabwe can personalize a journey so well, it was again exactly what we needed. Great accommodations and everywhere a very good service. Really unique locations. ""
Wally D.
"Maryse & Geert, you have given us the journey of our lives. We have already done a lot of fantastic diving trips and I thought that was fun, but this was even more thrilling. Thank you!"
Frank V.
"I still see us sitting with the map of Africa on the table in December. A very nice evening and at the end of the evening we already had a picture of our holiday. A few days later we got the personalised itinerary in the mailbox .... The image and the proposal corresponded completely, which felt good right away. It was also very nice to have to find and book nothing yourself. Really luxurious, like vacation actually should be."
Klaas DB
"The variation of our journey was great. Every day it was rediscover and enjoy. Nice lodgings (sometimes basic, sometimes chic), lots of animals, good food, lots of nature, but also culture (Mandela capture site, Apartheidmuseum, ...)"
Klaas DB
"Mapungubwe National Park is the best place for me. With a glass of wine and e-reader in hand on the terrace can enjoy a herd of elephants that pass ... hard to beat.... or elephants who come to drink from the pool while you are in the pool yourself. I felt enormously honored that the "animal kingdom" wanted to share this place with "humanity". We would not have known this place without Baobabwe."
Elke DD
"Our first morning drive in Kruger. At 6h15 a leopard passes by our car. 45 minutes later we also see a rhinoceros. The elephant, buffalo and lion had already passed by. The best 45 minutes ever. Do you know how long the second longest death ride in South Africa is? 1.2 km. I like this so much !!!"
Bas, 9 jaar
"After an exciting car ride in the mountains we arrive at #Greenfire Drakensberg Lodge. Very nice atmosphere. In the evening everyone comes together in the big house to play games, read a bit and enjoy the tasty food around the large log fire. On the 2nd night, Susanne made pizza especially for me and my brother. The next time we come to South Africa, we will definitely be horse riding again. It is so beautiful there and the horses are very sweet."
Lieke, 11 jaar
"It is almost impossible to express in words what we have experienced on our holiday. What impressed me the most are the bushwalks, Closer to nature you almost can't get. We probably never would have experienced without your advice. We also had the feeling that we arrived at Paradise on 4 locations, which we also found a unique experience"
Cynthia D.