Geert And Maryse Nov 2019

Support local economy & protect nature

When you go on safari with Baobabwe, you protect nature by supporting the local economy. You pay an entry fee for the nature reserves, you hire guides, you give work to the staff in the lodges, you buy souvenirs, ... nature and wild animals get an indispensable economic value. At Baobabwe we work with  lodge and accommodation owners who strive for a low impact on the ecosystem and a high return for the local economy and national parks.



We choose sustainable accommodation and activities and work with local people. We or our partners have visited all the accommodation we recommend. We regularly check feedback from the customers to stay up to date. We make sure that we choose the best overnight accommodation for you and that the local population benefits. This ensures the best use of your money and helps to support the local economy.

Brent Stapelkamp And Maryse No W

"Go on safari!"

Maryse and her husband Geert from Belgium have been traveling to Botswana, South Africa and Namibia for more than 20 years. Their long-term dream was to find a way to contribute in a sustainable way to conservation in Africa. In Hwange National Park they met Brent Stapelkamp (photo)* and he told them: "Tell the people in Europe: do not donate, go on safari".
This inspired them to promote sustainable safaris in order to be active in conserving wild places and animals that they care about so deeply.

* Zimbabwean Brent Stapelkamp has been researching lions (like Cecil the Lion) in Hwange for Oxford University for more than 10 years.

Cheetah KNP Kleinst

Conscious choices

Nature conservation is at the top of our priority list. That is why we  don't book elephant back safaris, walking with lions, or go to centers where you can touch wild animals. We advise our customers not to participate in these activities. Hunting safaris do not contribute to sustainable nature conservation, so they are not part of our service.

We also choose quality in service, activities and accommodation. An environmentally sustainable journey can also be comfortable and luxurious.


"Perfectly written on our body and much better than we could have dreamed of. Your enthusiasm, eye for details and unprecedented knowledge has given us a priceless experience."
Dirk VW