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Service with a mission 

Baobabwe is a tour operator based in Botswana, a partnership between a professional Botswana guide and a Belgian travel consultancy.

We, Ompuseditse, Geert en Maryse, are the founders and owners of Baobabwe. We can design and organize everything for your trip in Botswana and South Africa. Quality and personal service are paramount.
Our motivation is the conviction that every safari can contribute to the protection of nature and wildlife in Africa. Our pleasure is your positive reaction about your journey.


Who are we?

Ompuseditse Gabanakitso,

is commonly known as ‘Ace’ in the tourism industry and by his friends.
He discovered a passion for nature and wildlife at an early age in his home country of Botswana. He studied for his professional game ranger/guide licence and worked his way up to become a top guide with ‘And Beyond’ and ‘Wilderness Safaris’. He’s known for his extensive knowledge of the natural environment and for his extravert and pleasant character. His aim is to give clients the wilderness experience of a lifetime. He was motivated to start his own safari company with the intention of showing tourists, and the children of Botswana, the beauty of the country.
Ace is thé guide for all Baobabwe’s clients in Botswana. Ace also manages the Baobabwe staff and the mobile safaris.



Geert Deprez

Geert, with a Master degree, has been a successful Sales Representative for many years in Belgium. He has been travelling yearly to Southern Africa since 1998 with his wife Maryse.
In Africa he discovers his love for wildlife and his adventurous nature comes to live. He's known for his humor and capability to socialize with everybody. Convinced that sustainable tourism helps to preserve African nature and wildlife, he now devotes all his energy and effort to Baobabwe. He strives for a high-quality experience for travellers, at an authentic price. Geert’s role is in the marketing, sales and product management for Baobabwe.

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Maryse Millet

has a Master degree in Communication and 20 years of experience in (environmental) communication and marketing positions. Her aim is to use this knowledge to help to preserve African wildlife and their habitats. Everybody who meets Maryse knows that she is passionate about lions, elephants and rhinos. She has been travelling to Southern Africa since 1996. Planning and organising sustainable safaris is her passion. Putting together tailor-made trips and interacting with the clients, makes her happy. Maryse’s role is in the communication, strategy and administration for Baobabwe.


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Our mission

Baobabwe was first thought of as a strategy to help preserve the free roaming wildlife of Africa. As Brent Stapelkamp, a famous lion researcher at Hwange National Park, said to Maryse and Geert back in 2015: "Tell all your friends: don't donate, go on safari." Sustainable tourism gives nature and wildlife an economic value. By hiring a guide, staying in lodges and buying souvenirs, tourists help to support the local economy. This means that local communities can benefit from protecting the precious environment and its wildlife.
Baobabwe does more than organise wildlife safaris, we also offer cultural experiences. The contact between tourists and the local communities is a positive experience for the guest and the host.

We believe in the power of happy clients. They are the best publicity for our safaris and for Baobabwe. We provide a quality service to suit our clients’ budgets and requirements.

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Services: what can Baobabwe do for you?
Baobabwe can do the following:

  • design and organize your tailor-made trip to Botswana, South Africa, Victoria Falls and soon, Namibia.
  • book all your accommodation, activities and rental cars in Botswana and South Africa.
  • arrange mobile safaris in Botswana
  • set departures for small groups (max. 12 people)
  • birding tours
  • vegetarians very welcome
  • We will help to find a way for people with restricted mobility to be able to go on safari.

We will design an itinerary based on your requirements and your budget. If this is agreed upon, we will book everything according to the itinerary. We will do the follow up for you into detail. A Baobabwe representative will welcome you on your arrival at the airport. Even if you travel without a guide, we're there to support you or answer your questions during your holiday.



Glen Findlay from Go Safari in South Africa is the partner of Baobabwe for all clients who are travelling through South Africa. The ‘meet & greet’ at the airport and the guiding, is taken care of by Glen.

Go Safari and Baobabwe have the same philosophy and long-term vision, and the sharing of their local knowledge has created a helpful and productive partnership.


"I really have no words and superlatives enough to reflect the journey and the impressions. It is all thanks to your enthusiasm to plan a very personal trip with the perfect guidance there."
Ann D.